TrulyMadly pitches verified profiles for #BoyBrowsing, with sassy ‘Creep Qawwali’

Watch the film conceptualised by Vigyapanti here

Oct 09, 2015 10:24:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Dating app TrulyMadly has rolled out a digital film building on the #BoyBrowsing theme it had introduced through a TV and digital campaign in August. The new film too addresses women, in a music video format, and urges them to find verified profiles through TrulyMadly. The film is the first project of Vigyapanti, comedy group AIB's advertising wing.
The film is a Qawwali face-off between two women and their entourages. Each goes on to explain who her ‘creep’ is creepier than the other’s.
One of them starts singing that when Mark Zuckerberg rolled out Facebook, he forgot to inform women about the two sections in the Facebook inbox: one for friends and the other for 'creeps'. She says her other folder is always flooded with random messages from men and how the internet doesn't have a lack of such ‘romantics’. Her song signs off with the line 'Mere creep se creepy, koi creep nahi hai' (No creep is creepier than mine).
The counter comes soon. The second singer starts off saying the ‘creep’ her opponent has described isn't even a ‘legit creep’. Her story is of a real life creep, who stands outside her building when she returns from work, taking different avatars – as a watchman, lift man and pizza delivery boy. She claims while the first singer’s ‘creep’ resides only on Facebook, hers is possibly lurking somewhere close (as the camera spots a man hiding in the background). She proclaims that there’s no dearth of such ‘romantics’ in her neighbourhood.  
The duo exchange lines on what their respective 'creeps' have done to win them over. They start finding things in common and realise that it is the same ‘creep’ who has been approaching them. The Qawwali’s line changes as they sing together, agreeing that there is no creep that is creepier than ‘theirs’.
The film ends with the sign off: 'Don't let boy browsing turn into creep browsing. Date wisely. Find verified profiles only on TrulyMadly'. 
Client: TrulyMadly
Creative: Vigyapanti