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May 16, 2024

Titan Raga's new campaign celebrates the beauty in women

Featuring Alia Bhatt, the brand taps into the notion of women uplifting one another through acts of kindness.

Titan Raga, renowned for its collection of timepieces, has featured Alia Bhatt in its latest campaign, ‘Beautiful Together.’ The brand, which consistently crafts narratives celebrating women, commends the remarkable women who support, enable, and uplift each other, embodying the essence of sisterhood.

The campaign's television commercial (TVC), now live, offers a poignant portrayal of sisterhood’s enduring bond. It reflects on beauty's evolving role—from historically fueling competition among women to now fostering a shared experience that encourages quiet yet substantial support. The campaign showcases various ways sisterhood flourishes today, from bonding over beauty hacks to collaborating in breaking barriers across fields.

Aparna Ravi, marketing head at Titan Watches, stated, “Raga has always pursued deep and meaningful narratives about women. ‘Beautiful Together’ aims to acknowledge a bond that often goes unnoticed—the profound strength and support found in women’s relationships with each other. Having Alia Bhatt, who perfectly embodies sisterhood's spirit, join us is exciting. We anticipate this campaign will resonate with our audience, encouraging them to honor the remarkable women in their lives.”

In the TVC, Alia Bhatt adopts a light-hearted tone as she interacts with various women. Her actions range from complimenting a stranger in an elevator to sharing a moment as she gifts a Raga watch to a friend, enhancing her look, and aiding another during a fashion mishap. The campaign radiates warmth and highlights the significance of female bonds. The voiceover, stating “Humaari khubsurati mein ek dusre ka haath hai” (our beauty is in one another's hands) emphasises beauty as a catalyst for camaraderie, comfort, and community among women.

Campaign's take: While the use of a celebrity is predictable and the advertisement isn't revolutionary, it is refreshing to see a campaign that empowers women to recognise the beauty in each other in a playful and light manner. Amidst plenty of media that pits women against each other, it is bold for a brand to actively promote this ethos. Alia Bhatt, young, fresh, and representative of the fashion zeitgeist and the "it girl" of the moment, is a great fit for this campaign. And like mentioned above, though nothing never-seen-before, the advertisement manages to put a smile on your face and convey a good message. With a nice watch at its center, the ad does what it needs to do: Touch heartstrings and remind you of the product in the process.


Ranjani Krishnaswamy, CMO, Titan Watches
Aparna Ravi, Brand head, Titan
Upasana Babu, Senior brand lead, Raga
Vaishnavi Agrawal, Brand manager, Raga

Created by:
Agency: Ogilvy, Bangalore
Chief creative officer, Ogilvy India: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar
Chief strategy officer, Ogilvy India: Prem Narayan
Chief creative officer, Ogilvy South: Puneet Kapoor
Executive creative director: Nishant Pratap
Creative team: Jaydhrit Sur, Nidhi Gopal
President and head of office, Ogilvy South: Tithi Ghosh
Head of strategic planning, Ogilvy South: Easo John
Senior planning director: Rema Bagga
Senior vice president: Akshatha Poojari
Account management: Shruti Sundararaman, Sakshi Bhardwaj

Production creds:
Production house: Good Morning
Director: Shashanka Chaturvedi
Producer: Robin D'Cruz
Director of photography: Satchith Paulose
Music: Nayantara Bhatkal
Cast: Alia Bhatt, Aneet Kriplani, Nia Bernal, Aiman Mukhtiar, Nikhat Khan Hegde, Nicole Padival, Sanjina Gadhvi, Maya Hendricks, Chandni Alimchandani
Post production head: Bharat Arote

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