Shephali Bhatt
Sep 07, 2012

Tata Docomo promises uninterrupted stories, with unlimited plans

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Tata Docomo has launched a new campaign that conveys that its unlimited plans, a feature only for postpaid customers, have now been extended to prepaid customers. The intent is to target high value prepaid customers.

The 360-degree campaign includes a series of five TVCs, two of which have gone on air so far.

Watch the second film from the campaign:



The first film is shot in a couple's bedroom where the wife is reading while the husband is fast asleep. While she tries to ignore his snoring, the wife begins to get scandalised when she hears her husband taking another woman's name (Mohini) in his sleep. As her - and the viewers' - excitement builds up, this message pops up: 'Hate incomplete stories'.

The story resumes to reveal that the husband was only taking the other woman's name to say that she doesn't know how to make a balance sheet. The wife heaves a sigh of relief. The TVC ends with Tata Docomo showing its latest offering of unlimited plan for prepaid customers.

The second film shows a man walking in a dark, empty office with a knife in his hand. It seems as if he is up to something. He opens a door and just when one expects that he is about to stab someone, the story is interrupted again, with a 'Hate incomplete stories' sign.

The reveal happens soon after, as the protagonist is shown cutting a birthday cake with colleagues.    

Ritesh Ghosal, head – brand marketing, Tata Docomo, said, “Unlimited benefits without the imposition of conditions is a fresh paradigm in the category and we believe that played the right way, unlimited products can add a tremendous boost to the growth of the brand.”
Vasudha Misra, senior creative director, Draftfcb-Ulka, said, “The idea was to imagine all conversation as stories. And just as any break in a story - like during a TV show or a film - irritates the hell out of us, so does a break in conversation in real life taking place over the phone or the net. Thus, unlimited plans equal break-free conversation.”

Sridhar Iyer, senior vice president, Draftfcb-Ulka, added, “We’ve played the word unlimited in a refreshingly different way, steering the viewer away from suspicion and cynicism which is normally associated with this word and yet hammered home the product message strongly.”

Unplugged Moment:

The actor playing the protagonist in the knife film who thought he looked cute and lovable got the shock of his life after he saw his sinister avatar on the monitor at the set, according to the Draftfcb-Ulka creative team.


Client: Tata Docomo
Agency: Draftfcb-Ulka
National creative director: K.S. Chakravarthy (Chax)
Creative team: Vasudha Misra, Deepika Chauhan, Murtaza Said
Account management team: Sridhar Iyer, Sudipto Poddar, Rohit Ahuja, Bhaswati Bhattacharya
Account planning: Siddharth Grover
Agency producers: Alpa Jobalia, Mazhar Khan
Film production house: Footcandles
Director: Ayappa
Media agency: Lodestar UM

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