'Taste first blood' says Honda, for CBR 150R launch

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Dentsu Marcom has created the launch campaign for Honda's sports bike CBR 150R. For the campaign, the agency has come up with the thought 'Taste first blood'. Riders evolve from everyday biking enthusiasts to the 'CBR club' with the first exhilarating experience of the 150R, is the message.

The film shows a young man asking another, who seems slightly older, repeatedly, to give him the permission to 'try something new'. The younger one persists despite being denied repeatedly. He is finally rewarded when the older one gives him the keys of the CBR 150R. The younger man rides the CBR around a race track with the elder character inviting him to join the CBR club. A super then appears, which brings out the brand's tagline, 'Taste first blood'.

Titus Upputuru, national creative director, Dentsu Marcom, said, "The film addresses the need of  young people to experience things that they haven’t tried before. The rush of the unknown is what creates cult. CBR is iconic and the fact that it is available now in 150 cc is what makes it so charming. That you can start early. In today’s times, youngsters are starting early in all spheres. The film is a demonstration of the exhilaration that comes complimentary with the
Honda CBR 150R. The film also fulfills a dream by bridging the gap between desire and destination."

Narayan Devanathan, national planning head, Dentsu Marcom, added, "When was the last time you did something for the first time? Remember the rush, the thrill, the adrenaline coursing through your veins, seeping through your every pore and signaling the onset of a 'good addiction'? As we spoke to the people who routinely raise their goosebumps via the seat-on-saddle, hand-on-throttle route, we realized the race was their altar, and the presiding deities of this place of worship were the bikes of the Honda CBR lineage. What better way to enable them to experience this excitement than to put a bike that enabled this dream in their hands, and to show them, unabashed, on the bike, on the street, on the circuit, in their dream-come-true? That’s what the Honda CBR 150R and this ad are about."

Along with the 40 second film which has 20 and 15 second edits. A print advertisement has also been created.


Client: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India
Creative agency: Dentsu Marcom
National creative director: Titus Upputuru
Creative team: Titus Upputuru, Lobsang Wangchen, Priyanka Dandia,
Sanjay Chakravorty
Planning team: Narayan Devanathan, Ivy Mukherjee
Account management: Harjot Narang, Yuichi Toyoda, Nikhlesh Jhingan,
Sunil Singh, Farhat Naim
Films Head: Suprotim Day
Director (of the film): Francois Merlet
Producer: Sunil Manchanda
Production house:  MAD Studios Pvt Ltd
Post production studio: Famous Studios
Music credits: Anand


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