Tara Jewellers positions itself as a companion for life’s unbreakable relationships

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Tara Jewellers has launched its first TV campaign comprising of two films. The campaign created by Contract Advertising will go on air on 29 April.

One of the films features a father and daughter. On the day of her wedding, she writes him a letter apologising for the numerous occasions when she had lied to him. Among other things, she says that she had lied about being unsure about Akash (the man she is getting married to) only to ensure that her father gets to know him better. The father gets teary eyed, walks up to his daughter and says that he too had lied to her that he would not cry on her wedding day. On hearing this, she breaks down and both of them embrace each other. The film showcases the brand’s jewellery with the voice over saying, “For ‘life’s unbreakable relationships - Tara Jewellers.”



The second TVC is an extension of the first film and highlights the features and facilities. The couple are shown taking the vows of marriage while walking around the sacred fire. The groom makes the promises to his bride while the super reads, ‘BIS hallmarked gold’, ‘Free gold purity testing’ and so on.  The film ends with the voice over saying, “Har atoot rishta shuru hota hai ek atoot vaade se , aisa hi ek vaada aaj hum bhi karte hain aapse - Tara.” 

On the campaign, Vikram Raizada, executive director and chief executive officer (retail), Tara Jewellers, said, “Gold jewellery buying is in the DNA of the Indian consumer, a lifetime investment process. Today the wedding industry is the largest market with an exponential growth rate and relatively unaffected by market conditions. We want Tara Jewellers to be a part of the consumers’ consideration set for their special emotional and daily rational moments in life.  The ad film stems to not only educate customers about Tara Jewellers’ unique offerings but also build an emotional connect with the audience.”

Ravi Deshpande, chairman and chief creative officer, Contract Advertising, said, “A wedding is the most emotionally charged occasion for an Indian family. It is when the deepest feelings spill out for both the parents and the bride. This understanding of the finer nuances of a wedding was fundamental to effectively position Tara Jewellers, a fresh but furiously growing player in the jewellery market. Tara becomes the brand that plays a pivotal role amongst the emotions of an Indian wedding. This positioning works to break through the clutter of the jewellery market and also establishes Tara as a jeweller with an appreciation for Indian traditions and rituals. In keeping with the brief, the characters were chosen to be as real life as possible, to bring alive the raw emotion between the father and daughter on the big screen.”


Client: Tara Jewels

Creative agency: Contract Advertising

Production house: Dungarpur Films

Creative director:  Hetal Ajmera

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