Swiggy puts the focus on delivery partners, urges consumers to call them by their names

Watch the film conceptualised by the in-house team at Swiggy here

Nov 28, 2018 04:24:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Food delivery platform Swiggy has rolled out a film that focusses on its delivery partners. 
Conceptualised by the in-house team at Swiggy, the film aims to sensitise consumers about the delivery partners. It shows how consumers address them as 'Swiggy', and urges them to instead call them by their names.
Srivats TS, VP - marketing, Swiggy, said, “Lakhs of Indians interact with Swiggy’s delivery partners each day. Our partners take unknown turns to reach unknown lanes to meet strangers with a smile on their face. The irony: they always remain unknown to consumers, very often just referred to as 'Swiggy'. With the #WhatsInAName video, we want to change that and bring more dignity to the job our hunger saviours do. We’re glad that the video has struck a chord with so many users and hopeful of a day very soon, when our partners are acknowledged with their name and unique identity.”
Client: Swiggy
VP - marketing: Srivats TS
AVP - marketing: Ashish L
Creative director: Shikha Gupta
Director - supply marketing: Arpit Agarwal
Sr. marketing manager: Swarnendu Mandal
Production House: Flying Saucer
Director: Pushpendra Misra
Production designer: Sonali Bhatia
Producer: Divyaa Iyer
Director of photography: Siddharth Diwan
Music: George Joseph, Amar Mangrulkar
Casting director: Shikha Pradeep and the in-house team