Sunny sides up with the recipe of life

Watch the campaign conceptualised by The Womb

Aug 29, 2019 11:56:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Sunny Oil’s recent campaign addresses these multiple everyday situations a woman comes across, not providing a solution but encouraging her to trust her inner instinct and choose the “right” path for herself. After all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to these decisions, just the one that fits her situation the best. Because at the end it is 'Life Aapki, Recipe Aapki'.
The launch of the campaign witnesses three TVCs. Two of which are bringing out different situations that a woman has either experienced or can easily relate to. One was with a mother who finds out that her teenage son is indulging in sensitive content like porn on her cellphone. The other one showcases a woman who is face to face with complications regarding her pregnancy – both situations asking her to make a choice. The third TVC focuses on the products immunity building properties.
Watch the second film here:
Prashant Sarwade, head of marketing, Frigorifico Allana, said, “Being a challenger brand in a highly undifferentiated commoditised category, Sunny needed a narrative that could strike the right emotional chord with today’s woman, helps build preference for the brand and in the process also builds a differentiated emotional territory that could be leveraged for multi category play in the future. Our new campaign Life Aapki, Recipe Aapki is a life inspired progressive conversation that depicts real life everyday situations and acknowledges the difficult choices women have to make in such situations. We believe Sunny can be that positive voice which helps build a deeper connect with the new age women.”
The campaign conceptualised and created by The Womb (creative agency partner), is on television cinemas, retail outlets and other media.
Kawal Shoor, founding partner, The Womb said, “As Sunny readies itself to become a multi-product, multi-category brand, our task was to transition it’s positioning from ‘oil-led’, to brand-led. That demanded us to come from a contemporary cultural space from within the lives of modern women. Contemporary brands are helping resolve conflicts than just fulfill needs. We picked on a conflict that most of us, and especially modern women face – daily situations that have no single right answer. What we didn’t want to do was sermonize her. Rather, we felt that the brand should encourage her inner instinct – to do the right thing.”
Akshay Gurnani, co-founder and CEO, Schbang (digital agency partner) stated, “The digital leg of this campaign focusses on taking forward the mainline communication by picking up on a multitude of relevant topics that are most pertinent to our target audience. Digital will serve the purpose of community building by giving our audience a platform to voice their opinion and share how they would react to these different situations.”
Client: Sunny Oil
Paul Thachil – Managing Director, IFFCO
Milind Pingle - CEO, FAL
Prashant Sarwade – Head of Marketing, FAL
Sayantan Bose – Category Manager, Oils & Fats
Manish Rohra – Sr Brand Manager, Sunny
Creative agency: The Womb
Kawal Shoor – Founder
Navin Talreja – Founder
Suyash Khabya – Creative Lead
Aditya Patil – Business Partner
Manisha Sain – Planning Partner
Priya GP – Planning Partner
Vivek Unikrishnan – Creative Partner
Shreyas Manjrekar – Creative Partner
Amit Angwalkar – Creative Partner
Progya Dutta – Creative Partner
Digital agency: Schbang
Akshay Gurnani – Co-Founder
Saumil Mehta – Vice President
Lara Kapadia – Group Solutions Manager
Jamila Bootwala – Account Lead
Sahil Shah – Sr. Creative Strategist
Vinayak Shinde – Sr. Designer
Production house: Nirvana Films
Prakash Varma – Director
Sneha Ipye – Producer
Manjeet Bawa – Producer