Campaign India Team
Aug 30, 2023

Sports For All celebrates National Sports Day with 'Tu Khel' call

Watch the film conceptualised by the in-house team here

Sport For All (SFA) has rolled out a special campaign on the occasion of #NationalSportsDay.


The video, 'tu khel'  has been conceptualised, written and produced in-house by team SFA.


The creative encourages individuals across all age-groups and abilities to play sports for pure enjoyment, building fitness, and the revival of cherished memories. It highlights the transformative power of sports in bringing people together, fostering a sense of community, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, and thus sets the mood to join in the SFA Championships.


The goal of the video is to promote the joy of sports, create a positive and inclusive environment, and inspire everyone to embrace sports in their lives.



The SFA's endeavour is to democratise access to sports tech as a platform for school athletes – a feat that has previously been available for professional and elite athletes.


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