Sony Max takes on more sticky situations, bats for 'Happywala India'

Watch the ad films conceptualised by DDB Mudra here

Apr 06, 2016 09:51:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Sony Max has rolled out three more films to promote the ninth season of the IPL which begins on 9 April 2016. The films have been conceptualised by DDB Mudra.
One of the films opens in an old age home. As an attendant is serving a few people their medicine, he's talking on the phone simultaneously and informing a friend that he'll soon be with him to watch the rest of the match. Their favourite team is playing. As he completes that sentence he notices an old man in a room watching the game alone. As a wicket falls, the man gets excited but curbs his celebration as he has no one to share it with. As the attendant enters the room, the old man puts his hand out asking for his medicine. The man instead gives him a high-five and takes a seat next to him. As the old man looks surprised, the attendant repeats the dialogue he told his friend on the phone about watching his favourite team together.  

Another film shows a group of men discussing a match and entering a cab. As they are about to inform their destination, they notice that they have a lady driver. They continue with the discussion. Some of the hand gestures made by the men on the back seat make the woman uncomfortable. Then one man instructs the woman to take a short cut, which looks extremely dark. The man sitting in front figures that the woman is uncomfortable and says that their team lit up their lives by winning and they shouldn't go through the dark road. The man behind realises his mistake and asks the woman to drive through the brighter but longer route and adds that they'll get more time to talk.
A third film opens in a newsroom. The team is discussing what could be the most sensational news that could help them gain TRPs. As they discuss negative issues, a lady looking out of the window spots a young boy trying to peep into a restaurant that's screening an IPL match. The child's father is engaged in some road repair work. A man from inside notices this and starts talking to the young boy and his father. Instead of shouting at them, the man escorts the two in. He gives the young boy a chair to stand on to watch the match. The discussion in the newsroom continues. The lady who noticed the event outside says that the truth doesn't need to be bitter or sad. 
All the films end introducing the IPL with the 'Ek Happywala India' message.
Client: Sony Max
Agency: DDB Mudra