Royal Challenge Sports Drink inspires 'bold' moves off beaten track with Kohli, resonates

Watch the ad film conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group here

Dec 26, 2016 05:11:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Royal Challenge Sports Drink has launched a film starring cricketer Virat Kohli, conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group. The film builds on the #BoldMove theme adopted by the brand last year. 
The intense film features Kohli seated in a fast-moving train. His thoughts are articulated by a voice over. He compares human lives to that of a train journey, moving along predestined tracks in line with society's expectations. As the train speeds past another, on a parallel track, Kohli adds that as passengers, we remain seated out of fear, and questions why. Another young man on a train is hesitant to send his resignation letter from his laptop. The branch manager wants to quit to set up his own NGO, The voice over questions why we do not listen to our heart. A young woman of one faith and a young man of another look at each other from adjoining trains, pain of separation writ on their faces. Kohli, talking now into the camera, says if one does not play bold, one will never know what might have been. Saying so, he pulls the chain to stop the train and gets off as the soundtrack reaches its crescendo. The branch manager sends his resignation. The young couple unite in a hug. The film ends with the message: 'Make a Bold Move.'  
Subroto Geed, SVP – marketing, United Spirits, said, "The purpose of Royal Challenge Sports Drink is to inspire the spirit of taking on life – which is about being bold, stepping out of your comfort zone and making choices that are not defined by boundaries which others create for you. Virat Kohli is one of India’s biggest icons and he truly embodies this bold spirit – both on and off the field. Through Virat we hope to build a strong resonance for the campaign message and build the desire to live bold in the DNA of country’s youth.”
Sonal Dabral, CCO, DDB Mudra Group, added, “These times are full of opportunities for everyone but opportunities also bring insecurities and a paralysing fear of failure. This is where Royal Challenge Sports Drink comes in. It inspires us to take risks, it inspires us to be unafraid to walk alone. In this TVC, Virat the champion risk taker, questions a world that would have them rather stay safe than venture into the unknown. The film, inspired by real challenges and Virat’s own exploits as a cricketer, throws the proverbial spanner in the works, questioning the predestined journey we’re on, and signs off by gently suggesting that the path less taken is the only path worth taking. Asking us to play bold. It’s been not only exciting but truly inspiring working on this film.”