Raymond's 'Complete Man' stays 'real' with kid, leads by example

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Famous Innovations here

Oct 07, 2015 09:39:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Raymond has rolled out another TVC as part of its 'The Complete Man' campaign. The spot has been conceptualised by Famous Innovations.
The film is set around a school play. As the children get ready, most of the parents are busy taking their pictures. The protagonist stands out, preparing his kid to take stage. The scene shifts to the play where parents are in the audience. During the performance, everyone in the audience films it on their phones except the protagonist, who takes in the moment. After the play, as the kids join hands and bow before them, the audience is still busy capturing the moment on their phone cameras. The children are visibly disappointed. The protagonist stands up and applauds, leaving the rest of the audience embarrassed. This brings a smile to the performers and the rest of the parents soon join in. A voice over says, 'Many things make the complete man. Knowing what's real is one of them.' The film, set to the brand's signature music, ends with 'The Complete Man' sign off. 
Client: Raymond
Agency: Famous Innovations
Founder and CCO: Raj Kamble