Carol Goyal

May 17, 2021

Blog: How Dr. Google is encouraging the 'IDIOT' ...

Dr. Google is increasingly becoming a substitute for the good ole general practitioner and the author explains how it's leading to nasty side-effects

Dec 18, 2020

Blog: ‘Illuminating' and 'Ultimate Gray' - ...

The biggest colour trends of 2021 are taking a cue from the tumultuous year just gone by, and giving people a sense of ‘hope, optimism and the refresh that many are looking for’ in the new year, says the author

Aug 09, 2020

Blog: Is 'mutual agreement' the new legal panacea?

Lawyers, and students of law, have much to learn from the BCCI – Vivo imbroglio, explains the author

Jul 27, 2020

Blog: How IPL will get crowd frenzy into empty stadiums

With dates for the IPL confirmed, the author looks at how fans will be integrated within the UAE stadiums

Jun 25, 2020

Blog: Minus ‘Fair’ will Fair & Lovely lose its ...

The author explores if a change in brand name results in the death of a brand

Jun 24, 2020

Blog: Echoes of 'Black Lives Matter' in India too?

The unrest, the carnage, the protests that shook Trump’s America a few weeks ago, seem to be echoing in India too … though the tremors are much weaker, explains the author