Panasonic celebrates armed forces and their families this Diwali, reminds nation of their sacrifice

Watch the film conceptualised by Sociowash here

Oct 27, 2016 05:01:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Panasonic Smartphones has released a film ahead of Diwali that pays tribute to the Indian Armed Forces, conceptualised by Sociowash. The film plays on the theme #MujheGarvHai, and features spouses of soldiers and a retired soldier.
It opens with Dr Sonia Sharma (wife of Col. K.K. Sharma) decorating her house ahead of the festival. She says that of 25 Diwalis, she has spent ten alone, and another ten waiting. Elsewhere, Mrs Nishtha Gautam (wife of Major Arjun Pratap Singh) adds that the whole house prepares to celebrate the festival, and the phone rings to inform that the Major's leave has been cancelled. Colonel K.K. Sharma explains how army life is difficult and challenging, but the priorities are clear: why they do what they do and for whom. Mrs Gautam reveals her worries when the landline rings, and how she hopes that it doesn't, so she can avoid the bad news. Mrs Madhu Rajesh recounts receiving the news of her husband laying down his life for the nation over a call, during Diwali preparations. The brain realises that his life was always dedicated for the nation, she notes, but the heart refuses to accept it. She adds, "But when you look at those photographs..." as pictures of army men in uniform being honoured play out on screen.     
The Colonel reminds viewers that while we celebrate the festival, lakhs of soldiers on the frontiers are celebrating their duties. Mrs Rajesh surmises, "I feel weak at moments. I miss him. But I always feel proud."
The film was published on Panasonic Smartphones' YouTube page on 25 October 2016.
Credits (from YouTube):
Client: Panasonic Smart Phones
Panasonic team: Pankaj Rana, Amlan Pati, Sonali Singh, Paramjeet Mehta, Dhruv Bahl
Agency: Sociowash 
Scriptwriter and director: Tejender Sharma
Consultant: Rohit Sakunia
Camera: Vijay Kumar
Music: Saurabh Vaibhav
DI: Swastika