NPCI builds UPI awareness by showing shopkeepers' FOMO

Watch the films conceptualised by Ogilvy here

Feb 24, 2020 06:07:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has released a UPI awareness campaign with the support of players from the industry.  
Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign which consists of six films looks to guide users towards the usage of UPI by focussing on the ease and safety aspects. 
One of the films (above) show a young man enter a bookstore. The man at the counter looks at the way the young man is dressed and indicates to him that he's at the wrong store. The young man surprises him by asking him for all the 'quantum physics' book he has. Happy with the volume of sales, the shopkeeper gets all the books and tells the boy his total bill. The boy looks to make the payment by using UPI, but the shop only accepts cash. The film ends with the boy repeating the comment made by the bookstore owner in the beginning and states that he has indeed entered the wrong store. 


Praveena Rai, COO, NPCI said, “We are excited to announce the launch of 'UPI Chalega' campaign. We believe this campaign has extreme potential to educate users, exponentially accelerate the adoption rate of digital payments and support our vision of a less-cash payments economy. We are happy to associate with our member banks, payment service providers and third party Apps and design this fun-filled and educational UPI awareness campaign. We hope the highlight of our campaign, Mrs. Rao, would motivate customers to shift to easy and safe UPI payments and restrict the usage of cash.”
Swaminathan J, DMD strategy and chief digital officer, SBI, said, “SBI as a founding member of NPCI is happy to be a part of FLAC (Financial Literacy and Awareness Campaign) committee to create awareness and increase the adoption of UPI. Over the years, endeavor of SBI has been to promote safe and convenient digital payment methods including UPI among its customers. It is important for the payment eco-system to constantly educate and inform customers about UPI as the simple, instant and one of the most secure modes of payment methods in the country.”
Karthi Marshan, chairman FLAC. CMO, Kotak Mahindra Group, said, “This is possibly the first time that banking, payments and fintech players are coming together with NPCI to promote safe usage of UPI via a massive multi-media campaign that aims to provoke interest as well as educate in an engaging manner. It's been a privilege for me to work with my peers and NPCI in championing this truly important agenda, of leading India to a less cash, more digital economy.”
Piyush Pandey, CCO - worldwide and executive chairman, India, Ogilvy, said, "Digital money is the simplest alternative to carrying cash. And it's safer. But most consumers aren't aware of that. They still rely on cash for most of their transactions. We wanted to come up with a simple creative solution that encourages behaviour change. Our message - UPI chalega - is a short and effective trigger."
The campaign is spread across TV, cinema, outdoor, digital and radio. There's also a microsite created (