Campaign India Team
Apr 12, 2023

Motorola G13 attracts all with its 'hatke' design

Watch the film conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs

Motorola has rolled out the launch film for its G13 range of smartphones. 
Conceptualised by 21N78E, the film is based on the 'hatke' philosophy Motorola used for the launch of its E13 (film below) which was rolled out in February. It shows how a change in smartphone turns the fortune of a youngster and gets everyone around him attracted towards him because of the design of the phone.
Navin Kansal, CCO, 21N78E Creative Labs, said, “For the launch of moto g13, the brief to us was to build on the hatke equity since the demographic was relatively similar,  hence, “Lagey Jhatke, Aisa Hatke”. The form factor of the phone lent itself to a more flamboyant narrative that would appeal to the sensibilities of Gen Z. The fun bit was the peppy music track, that infused a new- age hatke twist to a classic sound”.
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