Mankind Pharma’s Unwanted 21 Days 'sshh away' unwarranted chats around pregnancy

The campaign is conceived and executed by Logicserve to lift the perceived taboo around family planning and contraception, specifically for areas like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Bengal

Jan 12, 2021 06:25:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Mankind Pharma’s contraceptive tablet brand, Unwanted 21 Days, has launched a musical film #ShhNotOkPlease. With this, the brand aims to normalise the conversation around contraception, family planning and raise awareness in a relatable manner.
The video features intrusive instances of enquiries that family members make to newlyweds and the latter’s response to such queries. Logicserve Digital has conceptualised the campaign.
Joy Chatterjee, general manager - sales and marketing head of Mankind Pharma, said, "There has been a sea of change post-pandemic in the way people have been using the contraceptive. Leveraging this aspect of consumption, we thought right now would be an ideal time to come up with a messaging that is aimed at changing consumer behaviour than anything else. We believe changing consumer behaviour and having an open discussion about family planning and contraception will lead to more awareness and will result in more sales. Logicserve Digital not only understood our brief but also gauged the reason behind it, which is why they were able to articulate the messaging in a wholesome and entertaining fashion!"
Manesh Swamy, VP - creative, Logicserve Digital, added, "Typically in an Indian household family-planning discussions are not openly spoken about or even if someone initiates, it's mostly shunned. Our approach was not to be preachy but at least attempt to normalise the conversation. And with the wedding season around, we thought a song-and-dance approach would be an excellent fit to drive home the message literally. We are glad we could create an earworm song that is share-worthy.”