Campaign India Team
Apr 16, 2021

Magicpin takes on Cred; points at real savings with Vijay Raaz

Watch the film conceptualised by Songfest here

Magicpin, a rewards program platform, has rolled out a film featuring Vijay Raaz.
The film has been set similar to Cred's latest campaign, which released last Friday. It begins with the protagonist speaking about a 'Bread' app and how it gives 'bread' points. He's interrupted by an angry Raaz who wonders what can be done with those 'Bread points'. Raaz then tells viewers to move on from 'Bread' and use Magicpin which offers savings on food, fashion, electronics and grocery, among others. 
According to a statement from Magicpin, the company is taking on Cred's rewards points and not the campaign.
The statement said, "We've all watched Rahul Dravid, a distinguished, well-loved celebrity, lose his mind on TV. We love it too. But do we know how this much-touted rewards program even works, or what the reward 'coins' are even worth? One insight we encountered was that most Cred users have lakhs of points, but don't seem to know how or where to use them."
Following the campaign release, Kunal Shah, founder of Cred, tweeted:
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