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Apr 13, 2022

KreditBee loans the possibility of dreams coming true in exchange for excuses

Watch the films conceptualised by Varun Bhonsle, Sreekanth Dass and Aarish Matcheswalla here

KreditBee has rolled out a film 'loans anytime, anywhere' to highlight its digital app. 
Conceptualised by Aarish Matcheswalla, Varun Bhonsle, and Sreekanth Dass, the films showcase the offerings of KreditBee's mobile app. 
The first film depicts a wedding setting where the groom and another man from the bridal group are craving jalebi. However, the jalebi maker tells the two men that they won't be able to afford it with their budget. The photographer eavesdropping the conversation, tells them that it is possible to get a loan within ten minutes with KreditBee. 
The second film showcases a family of three watching a cricket match. The father throws his wife's phone in anger, when the team he supports doesn't score a point. The wife is enraged as her phone is shattered on the floor. The son looking at his father's anxious state, tells him he can get a loan through KreditBee, and gift his mother a new phone. 

The third film features a group of co-workers hounding a fellow co-worker for not coming to their upcoming office trip. To get out of the conversation, the co-worker who isn't coming for the trip tries to give excuses by saying he needs to attend a wedding. Dismising his excuses, one of the co-workers tells him to check KreditBee for a loan in ten minutes.

The fourth film features a trio of motorcyclist's hanging out at a parking lot. The film then goes on to show a man entering the parking lot with a small scooter. One of the motorcyclists introduces the man with the scooter to KreditBee and tells him to upgrade to a motorcycle. 

Client: KreditBee
Creative team: Varun Bhonsle, Sreekanth Dass, Aarish Matcheswalla
Production house: DotDotBoom
Director: Sreekanth Dass
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