Hyundai takes a stance on road safety, says #BeTheBetterGuy

Watch the films conceptualised by Innocean Worldwide here

Sep 16, 2016 04:32:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Hyundai India has rolled out road safety campaign seeking to bring about behavioural change.  The campaign has been conceptualised by Innocean Worldwide and focuses on driving-related habits like use of seat belts, over speeding, drunk driving and use of mobile phones.
One film, that promotes the use of seat belts, shows an exchange on the phone between a father and son. The son calls his dad, and tells him that he'll be late at work, and so he shouldn't wait for him and eat his dinner. The father, who is laying the dinner and sitting on the table to eat, asks him whether his boss doesn't have any other enemy at work, because he seems to be frequently making him stay back late. The son replies that he isn't alone and the entire marketing and sales teams are with him. The father then tells the son to put on the seat belt wherever 'the meeting is taking place'. That shocks the son and his friends in the car who wonder how the father knows about them being in the car. The son puts on the seat belt and the father hangs up as hears the sound. The film ends with Shah Rukh Khan entering the fray and promoting the safety message.

The film for over speeding shows a father driving his son to school for a fancy dress contest. The exchange between the two comes to the son asking his father that when he knows over speeding can cause damage, why he does so. The father reduces his speed. Khan appears at the end of this film too promoting safe driving.

The third film for drunk driving shows the exchange between a man who has bought a new car and a person who is selling him alcohol at a wine shop. The conversation between the two makes the man change his mind about drinking and driving. He decides against buying alcohol before heading out for a drive. As with the other films, Khan appears at the end of this film too. 
The fourth film in this campaign is about the use of mobile phones and is yet to be released.
YK Koo, managing director and CEO, Hyundai Motor India, said, “Hyundai Motor India is a caring brand, we want all the drivers to realise the importance of safe and responsible driving. We are confident that with these films, safe move campaign will become a social movement with people’s participation for a better future.”