HDFC Life invokes inheritance beyond money, launches #MemoriesForLife

Watch the film to promote digital platform conceptualised by Leo Burnett here

Feb 11, 2016 12:58:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

HDFC Life has launched a digital platform around the theme #MemoriesForLife. 
Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the initiative, which is now live at, allows users to create messages (video or picture-caption) that will be delivered to designated loved ones on a date set by the user. A two-minute film has been rolled out to promote the launch of the platform. 
The film opens in an office, where the protagonist, a young male, presents something to his colleagues. He receives a message on his phone, but continues with the presentation. The scene shifts to his team celebrating a win. He is keen to see the message on his phone though. As he gets back to his cabin, he looks at the video message. It's from his (late) father. 
His father reveals that the message was created 10 years ago. He wishes the son on his birthday, unsure of whether he'll be around (alive) or not when he receives it. As the protagonist watches the video, someone places a boarding pass and passport on his table. He reaches his car with his baggage and instructs the driver to head to the airport. Enroute, as he's thinking about something, he resumes watching the video. His father continues that there are many things he never came around to sharing with him. The protagonist asks the driver to head to the railway station midway. He boards a train and a bus thereafter, reliving his childhood memories along the way. He surprises his mother, who is engaged with small children in the garden. They watch the older man's video message together. He says, 'Beta sapnon ke peeche zaroor bhagna, par un logon ka bhi khayal rakhna, jo tumhari khushi pe khush ho. Baaki sab much pe chod do. Maine sab plan kiya hai' (Do chase your dreams, son. But also care for those, who derive joy in your happiness. Leave the rest to me, I have it all planned.) The film ends introducing the new platform, that allows one to leave messages for loved ones perpetuity, and leave behind an inheritance beyond money.
On the platform, one can record a video or choose a picture and caption, after keying in one's contact details and those of the recipient. Those without a HDFC Life policy are asked to register with contact details on the platform.
Sanjay Tripathy, senior EVP, head marketing, products, digital and e-Commerce, HDFC Life, said, “We at HDFC Life believe that today’s hard-to-replace individuals are far more important to their families than just their financial legacy. With #MemoriesForLife, we have made a strategic move to shift life insurance from a transactional space to a more emotional one in the form of a time capsule. Also, this bolsters our position as a leader in the digital space improving the online end-to-end customer experience. Most of all, #MemoriesForLife is a new opportunity for us to reinforce our brand promise of ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ in our customers’ lives where they can record life’s little and big lessons to help their loved ones lead a life of pride forever.”
RajDeepak Das, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett, said, “For HDFC Life, this year we are helping them launch a new product in form of a strong engagement platform. Memories for Life is a great example of how we are pushing the bar in bringing innovation, co-creation and creative thinking together to build HumanKind brands. Our idea was to bring HDFC Life’s Sar Utha Ke Jiyo philosophy into practice. In our busy lives we often lose out on special moments with our loved ones. This film subtly reminds us about that, without losing the Sar Utha Ke Jiyo lens of the brand.”
Client: HDFC Life
Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai
Chief creative officer: Rajdeepak Das
Group ECD: Aman Mannan
Associate ECD: Pravin Sutar
Creative team: Pradeep Kumar, Nidhi Handa, Maruthi Sivakumar
Planning team: Ajeeta Bharadwaj, Niharika Talwar
Account management: Oindrila Roy, Ravi Adhikari, Sharon Thambi
Production house: Red Ice Films
Director (film): Sharat Kataria
Executive producer: Gary Grewal
Producers: Vandana Singh, Kilan Shetty
Music: Hanif Shaikh
Lyrics: Varun Grover, Hanif Shaikh