Godrej Expert TVCs aim to dispel embarrassment about hair colouring

Watch the TVCs created by Creativeland Asia

Feb 03, 2012 01:09:00 PM | Video | Arati Rao

The new campaign by Creativeland Asia for Godrej Expert (the powder hair colour brand) aims to portray hair colouring as a fun social activity.

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Asked about the communication task for the brand, Tarun Arora, executive vice president - marketing, Godrej Consumer Products, said, "The communication task was to build hard hitting functional campaigns for all variants and to establish the differentiation among them. As market leaders, our continuous task is to get more people to colour their hair thereby driving penetration and recruit new users from specific userships."

The brief given to Creativeland Asia, as told by Sajan Raj Kurup, founder and creative chairman, was, "Godrej Expert wanted to re-establish itself as a simple, inviting and expert brand, offering innovative and relevant hair colour products. The hair colour category has become uninteresting, talking functionality and safety. Godrej Expert needed to reset the tone without losing product focus."

On the creative solution devised, Kurup explained, "The idea started with a simple question asking, 'Why is hair colouring always so secretive or an under-the-cover process?' The communication idea was to bring it out in the open, romanticise it, and bring out the safety and simplicity by highlighting enjoyability. The functional ads presented were simple, direct and clear, in line with the brand tone."

Set to the popular old Hindi film song 'Jawaan-e-jaaneman', the montage TVC captures different sets of people - like three young girls surprising their mother with a hair colouring session on her birthday; a wife colouring her husband's hair as they share a moment of affection, a member of a rock band flaunting his newly coloured look to his other friends, three young women from conservative families discreetly buying the hair colour brand from a store, and a "computer astrologer" sitting on the bank of a river, who seems quite pleased with the effect of Godrej Expert. The voiceover says, “Jab baat aati hai ek safe, simple aur long lasting colour ki, toh chaar crore se bhi jyada Indians bharosa kartein hai sirf ek hi naam par – Godrej expert."

On how well the communication task is addressed by the new campaign, Arora said, "The commercials have been developed such that each of the variants gets established clearly. The brand has adopted an extremely inviting tone which ensures that the new triers are attracted towards it, at the same time, current users feel proud about using it. Also, the individual variant communications focus on functional benefits in a strong way."

Kurup added that press, digital, retail and on ground activation is where Creativeland Asia plans to take the campaign.


Client: Godrej Expert
Agency: Creativeland Asia
Production house: Equinox Films
Director: Ram Madhvani