Gunjan Prasad
Apr 20, 2012

D&AD Video: John Hegarty, BBH

WATCH the interview with co-founder and world-wide creative director, BBH

John Hegarty, co-founder and worldwide creative director of BBH and the Foreman of the Art Direction jury feels that it is much easier to win a Pencil now than it was when he was the president of D&AD or earlier days as there were far lesser categories to contest in. “There was a time when a Black or a Gold pencil was a pinnacle of creativity. Without being too critical I think D&AD has handed too many Black Pencils away.”

Courting controversy, Hegarty further added that he didn’t think that `Black `pencils should be given to Craft, and only be awarded to complete work.
Hegarty also shared his thoughts on the recent changes at BBH India, his judging criteria at D&AD and what he thought about the recent IPG-Omnicom coming together to service the Chevy account.
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