ClearTax clears out the hassle of filing income tax returns

Watch the films conceptualised by Sunny Side Up here

Jun 18, 2022 08:59:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

ClearTax has rolled out a campaign to highlight its simplified process of filing income tax returns. 


Conceptualised by Sunny Side Up, the films aim to eliminate the mindset barriers associated with filing an income tax return. 


The first film showcases a man opening a door to his group of friends, all drenched in Holi colours. They ask him to accompany them to celebrate the festival of colours, to which he responds, 'Kal khelte hain' (let's play tomorrow), before shutting the door. In another scene, he is in his living room, scrolling through his phone, when his wife comes rushing, holding her pregnant belly, and says 'Chalo chalo, time aa gaya hai' (let's go, it's time). The film ends by depicting how the man postpones everything but is in time to file his income tax returns with ClearTax.


The second ad film features the protagonist, appearing for an interview. One of the three interviewers asks him a question, to which he sits straight and replies, 'Kal batata hoon' (I'll tell you tomorrow) with a straight face. In another scene, he is sitting on a couch, cleaning his ears. His friend wearing a jersey comes and asks him to accompany him to the final match in the next three hours. His usual reply, 'kal chalte hai' (let's go tomorrow), leaves the friend flabbergasted. The film ends with the protagonist in his office cubicle, when his colleague comes and mockingly asks him if he'd be filing his retuns the next day. He tells his friend that he's already done it using ClearTax. 

Srivatsan Chari, co-founder, Clear, said, “Most people who procrastinate on filing taxes are apprehensive about the complexity and the arduous task of filling multiple forms. They end up staring at a confusing screen in front of them. ClearTax simplifies this process with pre-fill, AI-based validations; this has been communicated interestingly.”


Anand Krishnan, founder and partner, Sunny Side Up, said, “The idea for the campaign came from a behavioural trait best described as ‘eternal procrastination’. We always postpone what is seemingly a difficult task for us, and that was where we hit upon a character that wants to do everything tomorrow. The film dramatises that behaviour, and, more importantly, brings to life the brand promise of ClearTax - taxes simplified.”