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Nov 20, 2014

Asus urges viewers to get things done on the ‘fly’

Watch the global campaign conceptualised by SuperHeroes here

Asus has rolled out its global campaign for its recently launched 'Transformer Book T100'. The film entitled ‘modern birds, has been conceptualised by SuperHeroes and was released globally on 18 November.
The film talks about the dilemma faced by men and women around the world when it comes to choosing between a tablet and a laptop and how this affects their productivity and work. The dilemma is shown to viewers via talking birds with arms.
The film begins in a park, where the audience is introduced to Edward, a talking tufted titmouse. He is relaxing on a branch playing a game of racquet ball with himself. He talks about how he’s average at most bird things but a specialist when it comes to being productive.
Just as he says this, the film cuts the Antarctic where the audience is shown three penguins making their way to work, three sparrows trying to get work done as Edwards voice over says, “ I get it, we all have to go to work, take things off the list, emails, notes, presentations, expenses”. The film then cuts back to Edward, who’s now playing with two yoyo’s talking to the audience as he says, “But come on man, you have to make time for the finer things in life”.
The scene once again shifts to a chicken running out of its farm, coffee in hand, trying to hail a taxi. Once again, Edwards voice is heard saying, “Stop stressing out about what you have to do next because you can’t do it now”.
For a third time, we see Edward, this time reading a magazine. He tells viewers that progress isn’t made by early birds. Rather it is made my modern birds, as he points at himself.
He goes on to talk about the rest of the birds as the film cuts to a pair of geese running around with bags in their hands, a pair of eagles looking for a place to charge their tablet and an owl trying to frantically type on this small mobile phone. He says, “You’re just making things difficult for yourselves, always hunting for a recharge. Glued to your tiny screens, giving yourselves a migraine, while you try to write a novel with your thumbs. As for me, I’ve got time on my side”.
Edward is then shown on screen as he dips into the fur on his chest to reveal the Transformer Book T100 and its keyboard attachment. This time he says, “A tablet when I want it and a laptop when I need it. Now stop your flapping and get things done”.
The film ends with the laptop being showcased on screen.
Rogier Vijverberg, ECD, SuperHeroes, said, “Modern working may be something people like to bore their friends about, but bring birds with arms into the picture and suddenly you have their full attention.”
Client: Asus
Agency: SuperHeroes
ECD: Rogier Vijverberg
Art director: Quentin Deronzier
Designers: Nando Pawirodikromo, Krister Lima
Client services: Director Django, Weisz Blanchetta
Producer: Evelien Schenkkan, Severien Jansen
Strategic/planning director: Felipe Camara
Interactive designer: Krister Lima   
Production house: Minivegas
Directors: Andrew Watson, Maarten Boon
Scriptwriter: Andrew Watson
Executive producer: Brian Bourke
Producer: Sanne Rosinga
Editor: Sander van der Aa
Lead compositor: Sven de Jong
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