zarvan patel

Apr 24, 2015

Do continuing campaigns deliver better?

What are the merits of a story unfolding in parts?

Sep 24, 2013

If it’s not a dotcom it has to be a dotnet, says BigRock

WATCH the ad film created by Ideas@work here

Jul 27, 2013

Close - Up: ‘You have to be a planner to write some great copy’

Zarvan Patel and Prashant Godbole, founders, tell Pooja Ahuja Nagpal about creating their own big adda Ideas@Work since 2007, and the foundations on which it has been built. Excerpts.

Oct 01, 2012

BigRock takes Savitri bai to radio through latest campaign

Listen to the radio spot created by Ideas@work

Feb 07, 2011 signs on Mediacom and Ideas@work

The television campaign for the brand is already on air