Oct 04, 2021

Lakmé to use PETA approved logo on packaging in India

The Unilever owned brand is joining PETA’s global 'Beauty without Bunnies' programme

Apr 19, 2018

PETA responds to Vodafone Pug row

The CEO of PETA India responds on why it is important to keep the Pug out of advertising commercials

Apr 13, 2018

Counter Opinion: Why PETA is wrong about the Vodafone pug

The author, who's a lawyer by qualification, tears into PETA's offensive against Vodafone's pug

Jan 23, 2017

Opinion: Taking the bull by its horns

When all of India seems to be taking sides in a debate, we reaffirm our oath to present both sides of the story

Feb 05, 2016

T.O.M. Tweets

Some tweets that caught our attention this week