kiran khalap

May 05, 2021

With Meru in its kitty, is M&M ‘future-proofing’ its business?

Experts suggest that M&M is only too aware that the business of owned cars has limited scope

Jan 19, 2021

Ad wars: Why one upmanship in advertising makes for great headlines

With brands taking digs at competitors openly, Campaign India dives in to find out the reason, the impact, the legalities and whether brands wars are in for the long haul…

Apr 30, 2019

'The psychological ownership of your brand has shifted': Campaign India Webinar

Kiran Khalap hosted a Webinar last week to decipher who owns the brand

Apr 22, 2019

Campaign webinar: Who owns the brand?

Hear from Kiran Khalap, MD and co-founder, chlorophyll on 24 April

Jan 23, 2019

Raj Halve passes away

The former advertising and marketing professional passed away on 22 January

Aug 07, 2017

Opinion: “Heard of Service Recovery?...

...Listen to brands Amazon, Jet, Samsonite.”