IAA has an idea to 'save the world'

The campaign has been conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO

Jun 11, 2020 12:36:00 PM | Gallery

The India chapter of the International Advertising Association has rolled out a campaign to help revive the economy. 
Conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO, the campaign consists of print (above) and a film through which it urges organisations to advertise. It states that advertising fuels sales, production, jobs and hence saves the economy. It ends with a 'let's advertise' message. 

Srinivasan Swamy, world president, IAA, said, “Marketing investments provide maximum returns. And it is a well-known fact that advertising provides the vital impetus to the economic engine of every nation. To elaborate, advertising causes an economic chain reaction that (a) generates direct sales and jobs (b) generates indirect sales and jobs among the first level suppliers to the industries that incur the advertising investment and (c) generates indirect sales and jobs among all other levels of economic activity as the sales ripple throughout the economy. And of course, it builds brand loyalty and gives the consumer the right to choose. It is rightly said that in good times it pays to advertise and in extraordinary times, one simply must advertise."

Punit Goenka, president, India Chapter, IAA, said, "I am very glad this important campaign is being kick-started in India. The creative team has used much-loved brand imagery to bring home the point. This is needed more than ever today. I hope chapters around the world adapt this idea and use it in their respective geographies."