Helen Edwards

Nov 09, 2016

Opinion: 'You're gonna die', so don't wait to make ...

Reframing inaction as active, considered decision-making could help us make difficult changes sooner, contends the author

Jul 13, 2016

Marketers should wait 30 days before trying to make ...

Desire to hit the ground strutting can get the better of marketers' judgment and humility, contends the author

Apr 30, 2015

Why ignorant newcomers can work wonders in marketing

The author wonders why every marketer wants his or her version of 'Dirt is good', when the answer could lie in their version of 'Washes whiter'

Nov 12, 2014

Helen Edwards: Don't drown your consumers in an ...

Without quality product, no amount of engagement will solve the problem of how to earn customer loyalty, says the author

Feb 04, 2014

Helen Edwards: Why ruthless Ryanair has decided to ...

The key to success for dramatic turnarounds of damascene brands is in their strength of conviction, before and after the conversion