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Dec 13, 2022

Year-ender 2022: Make the consumer journey a seamless experience - Harshil Karia

Campaign India ends the year by asking the industry what they don't want to see next year, the most-used jargon, the best piece of work from 2022, how they maintained a work-life balance, and more...

Year-ender 2022: Make the consumer journey a seamless experience - Harshil Karia
Like every year, Campaign India is celebrating the last month of the year by engaging with industry leaders and asking them about the year gone by.
This is what, Harshil Karia, founder, Schbang had to say:
What do you not want to see in advertising next year?
While we have good advertising, there is a lack of real intersection and integration of large-scale commercial brands using technology to build a connected experience for customers. The linking of the entire consumer journey, end to end to make it a seamless experience is still missing. I would love to see that change in the coming year and would love to see truly integrated brands.
Your favourite ad campaign from 2022?
My personal favourite campaign from 2022 has got to be the #BrighterThanEver campaign by H&M, which was done by Schbang. It really pushed the limits and boundaries of storytelling. The production by Schbang Motion Pictures was extremely well executed and brought out the whimsical aspect of the narrative. It is also a very well-connected campaign, being visible in-store, outdoors, on interactive billboards, inside the e-channel, on television as well as digitally on advertising. The launch event experience of the same was also great from a PR perspective - it brought the film set alive as a PR experience. The campaign outperformed in terms of business performance as well.
One learning from this year?
As an industry, we talk about technology, not as a mindset to solve complex business problems by creating efficient solutions for our clients but rather as a hanky use case of AdTech - more like a trading platform. We are still primarily driven by wanting to buy big media spaces and influencers. The change I want to see happening is integrating this technology mindset in our industry creators + planner duos who think through not just the idea but how the idea delivers a connected journey. It is a reality check, more than a lesson. It needs to change and will change, and I look forward to creating consistent work across the board at Schbang to spearhead this change.
The overused marketing jargon of 2022?
The most overused marketing jargon of 2022 is the Metaverse and NFTs. Neither of those platforms gained traction. There are no consumers on the platform, and brands follow the attention and intent of consumers. I think everyone in the industry jumped the gun on this.
Were you able to maintain your work-life balance this year? If yes, how? If not, how do you plan to correct it next year?
I am not a big believer in what is traditionally known as work-life balance. I think my life is very balanced - running two companies - Schbang and Level Supermind is a joy. I love my work, which forms a big part of my life. I am proud of the work Schbang has been doing with the Schbang for Good Foundation as well and extremely excited with how the Level Supermind App is taking shape.
For next year, I will only be increasing my scope of work. We are on an exciting journey of taking India to the world and have already announced Schbang in the UK and made a soft announcement of our launch in the Netherlands. By late 2023, we’re working for a strong Schbang in the Middle East, utilising the strengths of what we do in India, the UK and the Netherlands. So I think the ambition of what we’re out to do demands a lot in terms of time space and mind space. My Meditation practice has helped me tremendously in strengthening both my mindset and mental health. There is space for a global company born out of India and Schbang is gonna be it.
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