Year-ender 2022: Tech makes it possible, but creativity makes it brilliant - Rahul Mathew

Campaign India ends the year with asking the industry what they don't want to see next year, the most-used jargon, the best piece of work from 2022, how they maintained a work-life balance, and more...

Dec 05, 2022 05:36:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

Like every year, Campaign India is celebrating the last month of the year by engaging with industry leaders and asking them about the year gone by.


This is what, Rahul Mathew, chief creative officer, DDB Mudra Group, had to say:


What do you not want to see in advertising next year?


The word ‘Happiness’. And all synonyms of it. It’s just lazy creative built on lazier strategy.


Your favourite ad campaign from 2022?


Recently saw a film for Jindal Shaheed, Oman. It has mouth-watering craft. Made me forget whatever I saw this year.

From DDB, the piece of work we all had a lot of fun doing is MTV BotHard for Hustle Season 2. A bot that raps is a whole lot of fun.



A learning from this year?


Tech makes it possible. But only creativity makes it brilliant.


The overused marketing jargon of 2022?


Metaverse. No one really knows where it is, but everyone wants to be on it.


Were you able to maintain your work-life balance this year? If yes, how? If not, how do you plan to correct it next year?


One of my big realisations for the year is that the balance that we need to restore is actually the work-fun balance. We need to bring fun back into the way we work and ask ourselves the question ‘Why so serious?’