Arati Rao
Jan 28, 2012

Weekend fun: The Kiss Kalendar 2012

We talk to Dalbir Singh about this year's calendar

Weekend fun: The Kiss Kalendar 2012

Kiss Films is out with its second annual calendar, and we wanted to find out more from Dalbir Singh, co-founder and managing partner.

CI: Is the calendar something you create every year?

Dalbir Singh (DS): Yes. This is our second year in the business and our second calendar. We aim to make it an annual affair as the calendar has really become
extremely popular with creatives.

Last year we shot the calendar in Europe with a top Playboy photographer Pal Nanasi. This year we wanted to support local Gurgaon talent (as we ourself are HQed in Gurgaon).

The reason behind releasing a calendar is to inject some fun in the business. We always create for others (as in producing scripts written by others), and this is one way to produce something done by us. This is another way to showcase our creativity, we are not just a supplier, but equally creative. The calendar was designed by me. The theme has always been 'Kiss'. With a name like 'Kiss', the sky's the limit. From our coffee mugs, to t-shirts, we have played with the name.

Lastly, we hope the calendar will always keep us top of mind in agencies as we will sit on their desks 365 days a year. It makes for a great marketing tool.

CI: How was this year's concept decided?

DS: Like I mentioned, the theme always is Kiss. It is just how the photographer interprets it. You could either go very literal where each model is blowing a Kiss, or smooching, or you could be subtle, with a hint of Kiss or lips. This is what Ashish Chawla, the photographer has done.

View the images:


Photographer: Ashish Chawla
Stylist: Rishi Raj
Models: Katrina Levshova,
Marina Grigoreva, Marcela Cura (Karma Model Services)
Make Up: Bishnupada Sinha, Kaajeei Rai
Hair: Avinash Sinha, Karan Rai
Design: Dalbir Singh
Production: AAA productions &


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