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Dec 28, 2011

WAN IFRA announces speakers for its News Design Conference

The list includes Douglas Okasaki, Javier Errea, Deepak Harichandran, Adonis Durado, Abel Robinson, Sukirti Gupta and Tyson Evans

WAN IFRA announces speakers for its News Design Conference

Douglas Okasaki, the award winning Infographics specialist at The Gulf News has been appointed as a speaker for WAN IFRA's first News Design Conference scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 23 January 2011. Douglas Okasaki is a regional director of SND and has worked for Brazilian dailies Folha de S.Paulo, O Globo, Universo Online and Tokyo based International Press daily after his internship at the Reuters Foundation for Infographics, The Guardian, The Times and The Independent in London.

Okasaki said, " I believe that Infographics is the ideal marriage of a visual thinker-journalist and graphic designer. The ability to produce special infographics will help reporters and editors to enrich the quality of storytelling and in consequence, get great stories packaged the right way for their readers."

Other speakers at the conference include, Javier Errea, winner of SND's Lifetime Achievement Award and designer of 'i', World's Best Designed,  Deepak Harichandan, design head (West), The Times of India, Adonis Durado, design director, Times of Oman, Abel Robinson, art director, MINT, HT Media, Sukirti Gupta, CEO, MMI Online, Jagran Prakashan, Tyson Evans, assistant editor, Interactive Newsdesk, The New York Times.

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