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Sep 04, 2015

Things They Like: Vishnu Srivastav

Vishnu Srivastav, DDB Mudra's creative head South and East on his love for a Kisai Spider, Game of Thrones and getting away from the city

Things They Like: Vishnu Srivastav
Vishnu Srivastav lists ‘in one neat row’ the gadgets he relies on most at work: his Mac, iPhone and iPad. His choice of wardrobe, be it at work, an event or a private party remains a combination of jeans, Tees and sneakers. For an industry event however, Srivastav could go in for a shave, only upon ‘relentless insistence’ though. 
He prefers Dior Homme in fragrances and Chinese for cuisine ('not terribly authentic however’ he admits). A Game of Thrones (GoT) fan, whether the GoT fandom is called ‘Throners’ or ‘Throneheads’ is still a topic of debate for him. 
Srivastav likes to shop from Threadless, Jack and Jones and Only NY. He holds a fancy for TokyoFlash’s Kisai Spider, a transparent LCD watch. He explains, “It needlessly complicates the simple act of telling time, but I love it.”
His current favourite in footwear would be a pair of classic Reebok Pumps. Presently an owner of an SUV, which he admittedly parks on the pavement ‘by way of off-roading’, he has his heart set on Fiat 500 Abarth. 
The creative's favourite holiday destination, at the very basic level, has to fulfill the condition of being “anywhere outside the official city limits. Anywhere.”
Best holiday he’s had though was at New York. “I only had three days and there's so much New York!!” he laments.
Possibly armed with his set of dad jokes, Srivastav’s idea of an ideal weekend is to “Deliberately annoy my son for my own amusement.”
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