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Feb 13, 2015

Things They Like: Nisha Narayanan

Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM speaks about her love for Bose sound systems, traditional weaves in sarees, the thrill of a wildlife safari and more

Things They Like: Nisha Narayanan
Nisha Narayanan names her iPhone 6 as a must have gadget for work and party. A Bose enthusiast, she looks forward to an unmatched experience when it comes to listening music. “I trust my Bose headphones, and the Bose docking system. I also have a sound link at home. Because I travel frequently I also keep my Kindle very handy. I fall back on my X-Box 360 quite often as well to stream my music, pictures and videos,” she says.
When it comes to wardrobe, she prefers the evergreen saris. Her collection includes lots of handwoven and traditional weaves likes Kanjivaram, Dhakai, Ikkat, Kaatha, Tussar, Patola. She also like designer saris, and specifically likes wearing Satya Paul.
She names her watch and shades as indispensable accessories. Her favourite gemstone is Emerald. Narayanan prefers Chanel perfume, her Longines watch and Steve Madden shoes.
The COO drives Skoda Ocatavia currently and wishes to own Land Rover. 
Talking about her favourite holiday destinations, she says, “I like to go on wildlife safaris and one my best travel experiences was in Masai Mara.” With a busy year ahead because of the impending FM Phase III auction, she wishes to go on a relaxed vacation to London or some part of Europe later this year.
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