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Aug 01, 2014

Things They Like: Arif Ali

The founder of Purple Ventures on his 'family heirloom', a new year celebration in the Thar Desert and more...

Things They Like: Arif Ali
When it comes to gadgets, Arif Ali trusts Apple as a MacBook Air keeps him company at work, while his iPad is his gadget at events. The choice of wardrobe at work consists of linen and fine cotton products. Ali swaps this with linen jackets and comfort wear at industry do’s.
His favourite perfume is the ‘Gentlemen’s Range’ under Forest Essentials.
Ali says he has many favourite movies, but Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Shawshank Redemption and Out of Africa stand out.
Favre Lueba, a steel, hand-wound, worn out watch is currently on his wrist. Ali terms it a ‘family heirloom’.
While he’s not fussy about his current car in the garage and wouldn’t mind ‘anything comfortable’, his dream would be a car from the Jaguar Land Rover stable or a Tesla. These remain dreams ‘Until the Japs or Chinese better them’.
When it comes to holidays, it’s not a destination but experiences that he enjoys. He labels Westend, Broadway and Philharmonics or anywhere where he can ‘experience something’ as favourite destinations. The best holiday he’s had was a new year celebration in the darkness of the Thar Desert - under the moon with a bonfire to keep him warm!
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