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Jan 08, 2016

Things They Like: Amit Sharma

Chrome Pictures’ Amit Sharma tells us about DJ-ing on his iPhone, the cars and bikes in his garage, fave sunglasses and more

Things They Like: Amit Sharma
Like most of the people in the industry, Amit Sharma’s must-have gadget is the iPhone, one that he calls his ‘assistant’. Other than using it to check his mail and industry gossip via Twitter and WhatsApp, he also uses it for DJ-ing and photography. The app that helps him with the music is GarageBand.
The other ‘cool gadgets’ Sharma uses include a KEF Hi-Fi music system, which comes handy for his films and house parties.
Sharma’s wardrobe is full of smart casuals as he hates formal clothing. He doesn’t call himself a ‘brand oriented’ person and picks up stuff that suits his personality and wallet. But the wardrobe does include brands like Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Hugo Boss and Zara. Comfortable options come by the way of Nike and Adidas. Denims are from Zara or Diesel.
In the accessories category, Sharma wears an emerald ring, thanks to his mother forcing him to do so. Without any particular preference of brand, he’s seen in bandanas, stoles and caps at shoots. Armani and Tom Ford dominate his sunglasses collection. The collection keeps changing though, as he keeps forgetting them on shoots and has to keep replacing them. 
Tom Ford, Burberry and Channel dominate his perfume collection. He steers clear of watches because he hates being reminded about the time.
The film and movie director admits to have a shoe fetish. He picks up a pair each time he travels. Keeping a different set of shoes for shoot days, and special occasions, the brands he swears by are Nike, Adidas, Hush Puppies and Lacoste. 
His garage consists of a Mahindra Thar to go with the luxuries of a BMW 5 Series and an Audi Q7. The dream car though is a Range Rover Evoque. In the two-wheeler department, he has a Harley Davidson to go with a Hummer cycle.
The man who keeps travelling on shoots, has a favourite destination – the South of France. He plans a visit again for his next holiday.
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