Ayushi Anand
Dec 02, 2013

Tanishq invites ‘confessions’, connects with brides

Q&A with Deepika Tewari, head-marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company

Tanishq invites ‘confessions’, connects with brides

Interactive Avenues has created a digital campaign titled ‘Confessions of a bride’ for Tanishq, which will be promoted for a month in the form of a contest on the web at http://tanishqweddings.com/Contest. To participate, brides-to-be need to state a wedding wish and Tanishq will make the most unique confession come true. Other goodies are also on offer.

Campaign India caught up with Deepika Tewari, head-marketing, jewellery division, Titan Company, to learn more about the campaign.

What was the thought behind the digital campaign, following the TVC?

We believe that each creative should be right for the medium in which it is used. The remarriage thing was right for the television audience, because it was for a mass audience.  We talked to a woman sitting in Bombay, to a woman sitting Ranchi, Rotak, Patiala, which is why that was a more broad-based. The digital campaign only talks to the young, the more online consumer, and which is why we thought that we should slightly change the thinking for the bride from the television medium and inspire the bride in the online medium. And therefore, we needed to do something differentiated and unique.




What are your expectations from this digital leg of the campaign?

It is already connecting very well with the young bride by letting her open up and talk to us and share her wedding plans with us. That was the expectation, that the bride connects with the brand. I think that has pretty much been met.

What is the target group and target market for this campaign?

It’s the target mindset, I would say, and she can be residing anywhere in India.

Can it be defined as a sales-push campaign?

No, sales is never the push for any of the campaigns. The brand has to grow with you, the brand has to create a relationship with you and then you eventually go and make the purchase. It’s not an impulse purchase category. Everything is built towards building connect and I think this is one more effort in the journey of doing that.

Was the digital campaign launched simultaneously with the TVC?

There was a lag of one week. It was intentional so that each medium gets its own space and its own showcase.

How will you popularise this campaign?

I think digital as a medium by itself has been popular than other mediums. Our TVC has been popularised on YouTube more than anything else. It already is connecting very well. We are doing things on Facebook, we are doing things on our own site. A micro-site has been created for the campaign.

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