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Mar 03, 2011

Stunts galore in new Thums Up TVC featuring Akshay Kumar

WATCH the TVC created by Leo Burnett Delhi

Stunts galore in new Thums Up TVC featuring Akshay Kumar

The new TVC for Thums Up has brand ambassador Akshay Kumar reminiscing about all the crazy things he's done for his Thums Up.

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In the TVC, Kumar is first seen perched atop the bonnet of a jeep parked at the edge of a cliff, with a young woman for company. When she asks him playfully, "What all have you done for your Thums Up?", he starts to remember various dare devil stunts he's pulled for his bottle: jumping out of the window of an exploding high rise, swimming through strong rapids, snatching a Thums Up bottle from the jaws of a vicious alligator, and taking on a mob of angry gangsters. Coming back to reality, Kumar shrugs and modestly responds to the girl, "Nothing much." The girl reacts, "Really?", takes out a bottle of Thums Up and chucks it off the cliff, innocently saying, "Oops!" The TVC ends with Akshay leaping off the cliff after his bottle. 

Srinivas Murthy, director - marketing, Coca-Cola India, said, “The latest communication further builds on the core values of the brand and takes the whole idea of ‘I will do anything for my thunder’ to the next level. The Thums Up drinker indulges in adrenalin pumping action to get a bottle of his favorite soft drink - Thums Up because he loves to do it and not because he has to. To bring out this element, the latest campaign shows Akshay Kumar recounting all the action packed adventures he underwent to get his bottle of Thums Up. The communication showcases the journey and kind of action that Akshay took chasing his ‘Thums Up'. I am sure that this new communication will strike a chord with the Thums Up consumers.”

Commenting on the film, Sainath Saraban, executive creative director, Leo Burnett, said, “The idea behind this whole approach was to convey that a true Thums Up drinker will go to all possible heights to experience the exhilarating taste of Thums Up. Hence, we thought of communicating a fascinating tale through a series of gruelling and daredevil feats by Akshay Kumar, where he recaps the extents that he has gone to for his Thunder. This film truly lives up to the stature of Thums Up.” 


Agency: Leo Burnett India

Executive creative director: Sainath Saraban

Production house: Cutting Edge Pictures

Director: Marco Kalantri, MAD Films

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