Schindler launches Schindler Media Network

Partners with Adonmo to market the solution

Mar 25, 2022 06:44:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Schindler has launched the Schindler Media Network - a platform for advertising inside elevators in residential and office buildings. 
This platform will allow building owners and advertisers to use elevators as a communication and advertising channel. 
Schindler has partnered with a Hyderabad based ad-tech company Adonmo to market the new solution. 
The solution includes the Schindler Ahead MediaScreen, which is installed inside the elevator. The screen’s content can be digitally uploaded, updated and scheduled or published in real-time. Its features also include connectivity, data transmission, network management, device management, and remote monitoring solutions.  
Advertisers, media agencies, and other companies looking to target audiences in office and residential buildings too can book this offering, via a standardised process with Adonmo. 
Ashok Ramachandran, KG head, Schindler India, said, “Schindler Media Network turns elevators in offices and residential buildings into communication platforms. Today, there is limited digital outdoor advertising in residential and office buildings in India. With this offering, we will open a new communication and advertising channel, setting the standard in the field of digital communication in elevators.”
Sandeep Bommireddi, co-founder, Adonmo, said, “Schindler’s deep understanding of the elevator space and wide presence would greatly help establish this media segment in India. We are excited about the partnership and see great potential in it.”
Schindler Media Network is currently present in eight cities.