Rediffusion launches The Equity Analyzer tool

Has been designed in-house, led by chief strategic officer, Navonil Chatterjee

Feb 16, 2022 04:43:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Rediffusion has launched a proprietorial strategic tool called TEA (The Equity Analyzer), for brand equity analysis. 
The Analyzer rules personal appropriateness as a single most important factor for the growth of a brand’s equity. 
The other aspects of TEA include mapping of brands across product categories on a host of parameters based on consumer evaluation. Apart from getting an indication of the brand’s overall equity, the tool will also help marketers get a soft feel of how the brand is performing on different attributes.
The tool has been designed in-house, led by the Rediffsion’s chief strategic officer, Navonil Chatterjee.
Sandeep Goyal, managing director, Rediffusion, said, “Marketers often talk about a brand’s equity, but equity at times becomes a nebulous topic where everyone has a view, but beyond that subjective opinion, there is hardly anything substantive to back it. And even that equity is with respect to a certain time frame and in the context of a particular target group. Change the TG or the time-period, and the results, in all likelihood, should change. Given the fact that it is a bit of a black hole, Rediffusion is proud to launch TEA or The Equity Analyzer – our framework for evaluating a brand’s equity at a certain point of time, in the context of a certain TG. In fact, the model allows for comparisons of different brands’ equity within the same category and even across categories.”
Chatterjee added, “The fundamental premise of TEA is that a brand’s equity is a function of the following key parameters of a brand’s popularity, uniqueness, respect and personal appropriateness. Basically, how popular, or well known or salient the brand is, how unique or different it is, how well respected it is and what personal meaning, connection, usefulness or appropriateness it has for the consumer or TG.”
Diwan Arun Nanda, chairman, Rediffusion, said, “The world is moving to performance marketing, metrics and measurement. And why should brands be left behind in that journey towards an objective understanding of them vis-à-vis facts, figures and primary data? Rediffusion’s TEA is a great tool which will give the agency a far more robust strategic understanding of brands and their competitors. Marketers too will be able to consult it for their own understanding and fine-tuning of their marketing efforts.”