Neena Biswal and Priyanka Wadhwa elevated as co-founders at CommsCredible

Biswal was head of South India while Wadhwa was head of strategy

Nov 01, 2022 02:21:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

(From left: Neena Biswal and Priyanka Wadhwa)
CommsCredible has announced the elevation of Neena Biswal and Priyanka Wadhwa as co-founders.
Biswal was head of the agency's operations in the South. Now, along with the co-founder role, she is also co-founder and director. Wadhwa was head of strategy and operations. She is now elevated as chief strategy officer along with the co-founder designation. 
Aman Dhall, founder, CommsCredible, said, “Our client and media community have helped us build a strong backbone and led our growth journey. We have been focused on improving collaboration with the media, and enhancing client experience from day zero. That will stay our focus going forward as well. We are very proud of our team having diverse industry experience, as well as great business and media understanding for effective storytelling.”  
Biswal said, “I am happy to be part of this growth journey of CommsCredible. Since inception, I have been privy to how we have grown incredibly through word of mouth and good storytelling, without having to focus on business development. It’s a very interesting time for us as a company, as we add technology to grow asset-lite, expand our client portfolio, and strengthen our offerings to become a preferred partner for brands from diverse industries.”
Wadhwa said, “The collective vision and future of CommsCredible is very exciting to me. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the play of technology in PR, as well as its business and community impact. I look forward to taking our business strategy to the next level as we head towards a global scale up in the next phase.”