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Feb 09, 2010

My Name is Khan, Valentine's Day hit theatres this Friday

Bollywood-New releasesMy Name is Khan

My Name is Khan, Valentine's Day hit theatres this Friday

Bollywood-New releases

My Name is Khan

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Hollywood-New releases

Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day" is an adoring ode to the day itself, a multitude of criss-crossing characters the pawns in the overlapping and frequently mushy storylines. That the film manages to have several choice moments amidst the vast simplicity helps much. NCT Times

Just one problem: Valentine's Day isn't funny. At all. I believe I laughed out loud exactly twice. Once involved a gag by George Lopez, who is an ancillary character. The other involved comedian Larry Miller, who popped up for a cameo as a harried airline counter employee. Huffington Post

"Valentine's Day" is exactly what it professes to be: an overdose of sentimentality. You certainly can't mistake it, as one confused 5th grader in the film does, for anything related to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. But the reference is enough to make you wish for "Scarface," or, if love is still on the menu, "Some Like It Hot." San Fransico Chronicle
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The Wolfman

All in all, it's great to see an old school horror remake like this on the big screen; it doesn't rely too much on FX trickery and plays on your fears of what's out there in the dark- there's a real menace and Gothic horror to this Wolfman which deserves 90 minutes of your time. TVNZ

The Wolfman is a remake of 1940s' film of the same name which was an iconic movie.Our current film stars Benico Del Toro as the shapeshifter, alongwith Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving . The look of the film is great.You know what I mean: Misty forests in moon light, wolf howls, blood and gore and what not. New York Times

Behind the scenes, Danny Elfman's reinstated score works awfully hard to inject excitement, and creature effects whiz Rick Baker shows he has learned a few nifty new tricks since setting the bar with "An American Werewolf in London," but, like all those zippy visual effects, they ultimately fail to bring "Wolfman" to life. Reuters
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