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May 14, 2018

Mother's Day 2018 Wrap: Campaigns that stood out (2)

Some more campaigns for the day

Mother's Day 2018 Wrap: Campaigns that stood out (2)
International Mother's Day was celebrated on 13 May 2018. Here's part two of some films that caught our attention for the day.
Birla Gold
Birla Gold's film conceptualised by BBH India, was based on the insight that a mother’s womb is our first living space, our first home. It shows homes and the voice over lays down the rules for them. There are no rules and restrictions. The film goes on to reveal that the house being referred to is the mother's womb. 

Goodknight Activ+
Goodknight Activ+ rolled out a film conceptualised by J Walter Thompson that showed children mimic their mothers. The idea was to show the different kind of mothers and get children to share that emoji with them on social media.

Mercedes India
This film conceptualised by Creativeland Asia shows portrays mothers as the perfect co-driver and calls them the 'world's first safety system'.

Metropolis Lab
Metropolis Lab has rolled out this film urging children to ask mothers about their health with the #OneThingAboutMom campaign conceptualised by 21n78e Creative Labs.

Ola's #MomsOnTheMove campaign showed how mothers are getting technology savvy and can use apps like Ola. One film in this two-film campaign shows a mother on a video call with her son. She urges him to go for a hair cut and asks him whether she should book him an Ola for the same. 

PNB Metlife
Conceptualised by  Jack in the Box Worldwide, PNB Metlife had a digital film that showed a conversation between a mother and a daughter. The film's message is to showcase the changing times and outlook as the mother urges her daughter to take off her jacket and be comfortable in her dress. 

Men's lifestyle brand, Turtle created a video that showed a man carrying an average weight of a baby around his belly for nine days. He surrenders after a week, confessing his discomfort while carrying the baby.

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