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Oct 13, 2022

Merge Infinity: From a social media agency to a global network of digital companies

Read how Chimp&z Inc went from being a creative social media agency to being known as a global network of digital consulting companies

Merge Infinity: From a social media agency to a global network of digital companies

9 April 2012 marked the iconic day when Facebook acquired Instagram for US$ 1 billion, a moment that spurred everyone’s interest in the power of social media. The announcement opened a wide door of possibilities for all brands and businesses to level up their social media interaction leading to more brand visibility. Considering its aftermath and the pace at which the industry was progressing, the visionary founders, Angad Singh Manchanda and Lavinn Rajpal laid the groundwork for a social media agency - Chimp&z Inc.

The agency, over the course of almost a decade, has built a team of experts with a knack to explore digital trends and create new stories each day. From being a creative social media agency to being known as a global network of digital consulting companies, the journey from Chimp&z Inc to Merge Infinity is an inspiring story. Here’s how they got the ball rolling: 
Chimp&z Inc: A global digital marketing agency - Born in 2013 to connect the world with digital stories that matter, this agency provides platforms and pathways for brands to amplify their voices in competitive spaces. With services such as social media and performance marketing, SEO, website designing, digital strategy, Chimpfluenz - influencer and online reputation management as well as PR, and more, they seek to achieve optimum results through 360° digital advertising services. The agency has also expanded its digital DNA in North American regions with our office in Toronto in order to challenge its potential further. 

Griffin Pictures Worldwide: A cutting-edge ad film production house: The recent shift of the entertainment sector to digital platforms was when animation and DVC production took the front seat. The need for innovative and reliable digital production service companies was the reason Griffin Pictures came into the picture in 2020. The production house is now a self-sustained and fully-equipped digital content hubs with its own studio room. The key services of the production house include 2D and 3D animation, photography, motion graphics, VFX and editing, scriptwriting, TVC and 360 videos, AR animation, audio mixing, and more. Over the last few years with the quickest turnaround, the team has worked on remarkable projects for clients such as Discovery, Cartoon Network, Nova eyewear, Tata Play, PayTM, ICICI, etc. By keeping up with the competitive nature of the industry, Griffin Pictures aims to present novel ideas to its clientele that are packaged to entice the audience. 

An ROI-driven agency for SMEs and startups: Yellophant Digital - Companies have secured their positions in the cutthroat market by considering the perks a strong digital presence offers to brands, regardless of their business size. In order to provide them with the right guidance, Yellophant Digital, an ROI-driven digital agency, entered the market in 2019 as a launchpad for Start-ups and SMEs. The agency aims to revolutionise the way brands perceive the digital industry to provide growth results by using dynamic creative solutions and data. Within a span of two years, the agency has partnered with more than 30 brands to accelerate its marketing strategies. 
An advanced SEO analysis tool: Search Munky - Climbing the ladder of search engines requires a lot more research and expertise than just hitting the post button. A website is considered the face of any business in the given times, it is more of a necessity to have a trusted SEO partner that knows what to fix on your website for increased search performance. One such cutting-edge SEO tool is Search Munky, which assists in automating routine tasks like on-page SEO, keyword research, ranking analysis, and many others. This AI-driven tool encapsulates all SEO services within the same interface and on the same platform.
Along with the above-mentioned companies, Merge Infinity is all set to launch its media and performance marketing vertical, Saber Tooth. 
Commenting on the making of a global network of digital companies, Angad Singh Manchanda and Lavinn Rajpal, founders, said, “Digital, in our opinion, is more than just a platform, it’s a way of life. If you’re not invested,  you’re probably missing out on current trends and technology. Digital today has not only helped enhance life but has also made it more convenient as it is the gateway to new ideas, information, and innovations. With digital expertise at its core, the idea of Merge Infinity was to create a conglomerate of digital-savvy and digitally connected companies that would bring the ideas of brands and partners out to the world. Whether it is developing a new brand for the digital ecosystem or devising a new campaign to ensure brand growth, Merge Infinity has a solution-based approach to all such real-life problems/opportunities the digital age has created.”
Brands today are on a quest to find a one-stop solution, customised to their needs, and pricing that won’t kill their marketing budget. To deliver a complete 360 solution, Merge Infinity offers its digital services with an intent to mark quantifiable results for all its clients. The global network also turned up trumps after bagging the Great Place To Work Certification for the year 2022-23. With more and more brands like, Warner Media SEA, Times Of India, FanCode, UpGrad, Tata Play, Discovery India, Animal Planet, etc. bestowing their trust in the brand’s digital storytelling ability, the company seeks to establish the same trust in the D2C market. As their list of achievements continues to grow, it would be fascinating to see what they have in store for us next. 
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