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Dec 22, 2016

Goafest 2017: 'Champions of Excellence' instituted to celebrate clients

Agencies to nominate senior members of advertiser teams; six of them to be recognised in year one

Goafest 2017: 'Champions of Excellence' instituted to celebrate clients
The AAAI and The Advertising Club have announced 'Champions of Excellence' awards that will be introduced at Goafest 2017. Through this, agencies are to nominate 'Best Clients'.
A jury comprising senior members of the Awards Governing Council of the Abby awards will judge these nominations. The entry should mention the name of a senior member of the advertiser team who could be considered for the honour. It should include a note of not more than 500 words explaining why the individual is deserving of this award. The entry should be signed by the NCD or CEO of the agency and sent to the AAAI by 31 January 2017. Multiple entries are permitted and there is no entry fee.
Raj Nayak president, The Advertising Club, said “We believe that this initiative will plug a very important white space in the process of celebrating excellence in advertising. The advertiser’s product or service is the raison d’etre for advertising and their role in inspiring good advertising is imperative and must be celebrated.” 
Nakul Chopra, president, AAAI, added, “These awards celebrate clients who motivate and encourage their agencies to push the creative envelope and create winning campaigns. They also acknowledge clients who invest in meaningful relationships with their agencies.” 
Ashish Bhasin chairman, Goafest 2017, and VP, AAAI, said, "The presentation of this award at Goafest makes our festival more complete and comprehensive. Now we have all the people playing an instrumental role in bringing alive the magic we call advertising, assembled and recognised in one place.”
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