Shinmin Bali
May 30, 2014

Goafest 2014: India's youngest app developers take stage; leave it with a standing ovation

Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran spoke of what inspires them, and why they are bullish about the mobile

Goafest 2014: India's youngest app developers take stage; leave it with a standing ovation
The youngest ever speakers at Goafest, brothers Shravan (14) and Sanjay Kumaran (12), took stage on day one of the 2014 edition of the festival. The duo spoke of Go Dimensions, which they founded in 2011. The company develops apps for the iOS and android platforms.
Speaking on day one of the festival that runs from 29 to 31 May, the young duo made a presentation to a cheering audience about the company and their plans for the future. Shravan is the co-founder and president of the firm while the younger brother Sanjay is designated co-founder and CEO.
Sanjay credited the reason for developing these apps to the mobile platform. "Mobile platforms have a lot of potential for growth," he said. Talking about their first app, Catch Me Cop, Shravan said, "The app that we created is about a burglar and the cop chasing after him. It got accepted by the app store in just a week. Without any kind of marketing, our app got 1000 downloads on the first day." 
They also spoke about their other apps like 'Alphabets Board', 'Emergency Booth' and 'Car Racing HD'. The latter app had received 2,000 downloads on the first day, they said.
Shravan, the more vocal speaker among the two, spoke about the development cycle of apps which begins from figuring out the requirement or utility to the consumer, to designing it, before moving on to the actual coding followed by testing and finally deployment - which means submitting it to the app stores for approval.
"It really is very difficult having your apps cleared by Apple, their rules and guidelines exceeds the size of the US constitution!", an excited Sanjay said.
Nagesh Alai, CFO, Asia Pacific and Africa, FCBUlka, moderated the interaction with the audience post their presentation. The brothers were asked about their main driving force to which Shravan replied: "Passion for computers is our hobby and what drives us." "Coding is fun and a passion as well", Sanjay added.
A member from the audience cautioned them against selling out their products or company to a tech giant in the future. The boys said they were looking to bring out three new apps: 'GoApp', 'GoMap' and 'Game Thief'. 
Go Dimensions, Shravan said, donates 15 per cent of its revenue to charity.


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