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May 25, 2023

Driving Modern Marketing Innovation with ISB Executive Education's cutting-edge programme

By providing frameworks for value creation and helping businesses adopt data-driven customer centricity, the Modern Marketing Organisations programme by ISB Executive Education enables participants to navigate market disruptions and capitalise on opportunities for growth

Driving Modern Marketing Innovation with ISB Executive Education's cutting-edge programme
In an era defined by technological advancements, data proliferation, and changing consumer behaviours, the field of marketing has undergone a profound transformation. The ability to adapt to this new paradigm is not a luxury but rather a necessity for organisations that aspire to lead the way. Recognising this imperative, the Indian School of Business (ISB) has crafted a cutting-edge Modern Marketing Organisations programme within its executive education portfolio. Set to make its debut in July 2023, this three-day on-campus programme seamlessly integrates academic rigour with real-world insights, equipping participants with the tools and strategies necessary to drive marketing excellence and foster sustainable business growth. 
Learn from the rock stars of marketing
Under the expert guidance of Sundar Bharadwaj, the Coca-Cola Company chair professor of marketing at the University of Georgia, participants at ISB’s Hyderabad campus will develop a comprehensive understanding of how diverse factors, such as consumer behaviour, digital marketing, brand management, data-driven decision-making, and customer relationship management, intertwine to shape and define success in the contemporary marketing landscape. 
Through a blend of interactive lectures, engaging case studies, collaborative group discussions, and practical exercises, participants will cultivate the skills to identify and seize untapped growth opportunities. 
A holistic approach
The programme offers a range of insightful modules, essential for marketers, including strategies for entering pioneering markets and capturing market share as a late entrant. Participants will acquire valuable insights into market defense strategies, including best practices to proactively protect their market position and effectively integrate marketing execution into a comprehensive and multi-dimensional plan. This comprehensive approach will ensure that participants emerge well-prepared to navigate market dynamics, seize opportunities, and drive sustainable business growth. 
Moreover, this is a rare opportunity for marketing professionals to gain unique marketing and customer insights across diverse functional areas such as HR, finance, sales, R&D, and service. 
Inclusive and comprehensive 
Notably, the 'Modern Marketing Organisations' programme is tailored to accommodate professionals at various stages of their careers, from CMOs, VPs of marketing and executives leading digital transformation to sales and product directors, marketing managers, business strategy managers, brand managers, and senior executives across various teams. Modules have been designed to both enable experienced marketing executives to stay ahead of industry trends and to provide rising marketing stars with opportunities to refine their skills.
Creating lasting impact
Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a prestigious certification from ISB Executive Education, enhancing their professional profile. Additionally, they will gain access to a vibrant network of like-minded marketing professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders. Another key advantage of participating in the programme is that it affords participants access to lifelong learning opportunities through ISB’s alumni community. Graduates can stay connected with the latest industry trends, attend networking events, and continue their professional development. The programme also fosters personal and professional growth by encouraging self-reflection and peer feedback, and by honing leadership skills.
The Modern Marketing Organisations programme by ISB Executive Education, thus, presents a unique opportunity to empower marketing leaders to drive positive and meaningful outcomes.
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