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Mar 11, 2014

Draftfcb-Ulka is now FCBUlka Advertising

Global network rebrands as FCB

Draftfcb-Ulka is now FCBUlka Advertising

Draftfcb-Ulka has been renamed FCBUlka Advertising in India. The development follows a global corporate rebranding, whereby DraftFCB has been renamed FCB. The change of name came into effect on 10 March 2014.

"The colors in the logo have been drawn from the colours of the flags of the world, symbolising the heritage, equity and flavor of the local advertising company and the wide network reach. The diagonal line through the letter B and the letter U of Ulka signifies the importance of the local brand name alongside the global name," informed an agency statement.

Nagesh Alai, group chairman, FCBUlka, said, “FCB has a tremendous 140 years equity globally and in India Ulka has a 50 years-plus great heritage. FCBUlka will continue to deliver on the integrated offering to its clients and stay focused on what it has been doing over the years - 'making brands famous and making clients rich'.”

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