Deloitte India partners with News Broadcasters Federation

This alliance will launch an integrated performance and rewards forum for the news media industry

Dec 01, 2021 07:26:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

News Broadcasters Federation (NBF), an industry association body supporting editorial freedom and business interests of TV news channels, has partnered with Deloitte India. 
With this partnership, an integrated performance and rewards forum for the news broadcasting sector will be launched.
The partnership will be for five years and aims at fostering thought leadership in the space.
NBF’s members will have the opportunity to acquire insights in productivity analysis, performance management, employee assessments, employee preference, and employee engagement. 
Furthermore, NBF associates can access Deloitte's India Human Capital reports on Workforce and Increments Trends (WITS) and campus hiring trends, amongst other industry reports.
Arnab Goswami, founding-president, NBF, said, “Employees, especially journalists and related executives involved in the public service of taking news and information to the doorsteps of crores of Indians, are the backbone of the sector. This much-needed study will identify the social, economic, and financial impact of the ongoing pandemic and the pause in audience measurement data for the TV news genre. The partnership will enable the news broadcasting sector to  prepare news TV channels to be future-ready, in terms of skills and benchmarking of employee benefits.”  
R Jai Krishna, secretary-general, NBF, added, “Employee costs are the single biggest expense for a news TV  channel. The NBF-Deloitte India association aims to make the news TV sector more sustainable and  successful, by preparing it to hire the best talent for a strong news media industry.”  
Anubhav Gupta, partner, Deloitte India, remarked, “This is a unique association to strengthen the human capital landscape of the media industry. Deloitte India’s Human Capital team is excited to work alongside NBF to  provide thought leadership in multiple pertinent issues in this sector.” 
Neelesh Gupta, director, Deloitte India, said, “We look forward to associating with NBF and its member firms in the area of performance and rewards, and provide structured insights to enable data-backed decision-making throughout the year. Rewards and productivity are important areas for this industry, and we aim to fully support NBF members in this journey.”